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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Skinny on the Playoff Chase

The Islanders will have to wait until tomorrow night to determine their first round opponent.  However, the possible opponents are down to two: Pittsburgh and Boston.

With the Rangers victory this afternoon and Ottawa's loss tonight, the Rangers will face Washington in the opening round of the playoffs. The Rangers will finish in 2nd place in the Atlantic and 6th in the East.  The Isles will finish 3rd in the Atlantic and either 7th or 8th in the East.

Ottawa has one game remaining -- the Marathon make-up in Boston tomorrow.  If the Bruins win in regulation, the Isles will face Boston; otherwise, the Islanders will finish 8th and face Pittsburgh.

Given that Consol is booked for Tuesday night, a series in Pittsburgh would likely open on Wednesday. There are no similar issues in Boston (except for a potential Celtics game 6 on Friday).

Ironically, the standings below show the Islanders currently matched up with Montreal.  However, there is no way that the teams can face each other in the first round as either Boston will move up or Ottawa will.

The Standings (all teams have clinched):
  • 1 Pittsburgh (Atlantic Champion) 48 games 36-12-0 72 points (33 ROW) Regular Season is Over
  • 2 Montreal (NorthEast Leader) 48 games 29-14-5 63 points (26 ROW) Regular Season is Over
  • 3 Washington (SouthEast Champion) 48 games 27-18-3 57 points (24 ROW)  Regular Season is Over
  • 4 Boston  47 games 28-13-6 62 points (24 ROW) Final game: Sunday vs. Ottawa
  • 5.Toronto 48 games 26-17-5 57 points (26 ROW) Regular Season is Over
  • 6 NY Rangers 48 games 26-18-4 56 points (22 ROW) Regular Season is Over
  • 7 NY Islanders 48 games 24-17-7 55 points (20 ROW) Regular Season is Over
  • 8 Ottawa 47 games 24-17-6 54 points (20 ROW) Final game: Sunday at Boston
If the season ended  today (underlined teams are locked in to that position):
#1 Pittsburgh - #8 Ottawa
#2 Montreal - #7 Islanders
#3 Washington - #6 Rangers
#4 Boston - #5 Toronto

Playoff match-ups (if Boston wins tomorrow in regulation)
#1 Pittsburgh - #8 Ottawa
#2 Boston - #7 Islanders
#3 Washington - #6 Rangers
#4 Montreal- #5 Toronto

Playoff match-ups (if Boston wins tomorrow in overtime or shootout)

#1 Pittsburgh - #8 Islanders
#2 Boston - #7 Ottawa
#3 Washington - #6 Rangers
#4 Montreal- #5 Toronto
 Playoff match-ups (if Ottawa wins tomorrow in regulation, overtime or shootout)

#1 Pittsburgh - #8 Islanders
#2 Montreal - #7 Ottawa
#3 Washington - #6 Rangers
#4 Boston - #5 Toronto
What's a ROW?
Regulation or Overtime Wins. Wins earned in a shootout do not count towards the first tiebreaker.

What are the tie-breakers?
  • Fewest games played 
  • Most ROW
  •  Head-to-Head record
  • Goal differential for the entire season
What do the tie-breakers mean to the Islanders?
The Isles will LOSE any tie in points with Ottawa.  The Isles have the same number of ROWs as Ottawa but the Sens won the season series.
Where Can the Isles Finish?
The Isles can finish either 7th or 8th based on the result of  Ottawa's game in Boston on Sunday night.

· Isles will finish 7th (and face Boston ) IF Ottawa loses to Boston in regulation
· Isles will finish 8th (and face Pittsburgh) IF Ottawa gains at least one point vs. Boston.

Remaining Eastern Conference Schedule:

Sunday, 4/28:
Ottawa at Boston - Three of the four Eastern Conference playoff match-ups will be determined by this game, which is the final one in the NHL this regular season.
There is one day remaining in the NHL season.  
Forever1940 is the nom de plume of Eric Hornick, statistician on Islander home telecasts since January 21, 1982. Visit my blog: NYISkinny.com and follow me on Twitter @ehornick

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