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The Skinny: Carolina 6, Isles 3 (Carolina wins series 4-1)

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Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Skinny on the Playoff Race - Isles climb into 2nd Place in Metropolitan Division. Can clinch playoff spot Sunday.

The Isles magic number to clinch a playoff spot fell to 2 with their shutout win over Buffalo on Saturday.  The Isles can clinch a trip to the Stanley Cup playoffs for the 2nd time in three years as early as Sunday, when a regulation win by Toronto over Ottawa would do the trick.

The Isles got some help in the Met race from both Ottawa and Columbus today. They also got some minor help from Toronto and Minnesota, who forced shootouts.

Saturday's scores of note:
Isles beat Buffalo 3-0
Washington lost to Ottawa 4-3 (OT)
Pittsburgh lost to Columbus 5-3
Boston beat Toronto 2-1 (SO)
Detroit beat Minnesota 3-2 (SO)

As a result, the Isles moved back into 2nd place in the Met Division:

Met Top 4:
·         NY Rangers  50-21-7=107 points / 78 games (46 ROW)  
·         ISLES           46-27-6=98 points / 79 games (39 ROW)  
·         Washington  43-25-11=97 points / 79 games (38 ROW) 
·         Pittsburgh     42-25-11=95 points / 78 games (38 ROW) 
After ROW, head-to-head record is the next tie-breaker.  The Isles hold that tie-breaker over the Penguins, while Washington owns that tie-breaker against both the Isles and Pittsburgh.

In order to clinch a playoff spot, the Isles need to finish ahead of at least one of these five teams: Pittsburgh, Washington, Detroit, Boston or Ottawa.
  • ISLES have 98 points, 39 regulation/overtime wins (ROW) & 3 games to play. They can finish with a maximum of 104 points.
  • Washington has 97 points, 38 ROW and 3 games to play. They can finish with a maximum of 103 points.
  • Pittsburgh has 95 points, 38 ROW and 4 games to play.  They can finish with a maximum of 103 points.
  • Detroit has 95 points, 37 ROW and 4 games to play. They can finish with a maximum of 103 points.
  • Boston has 95 points, 37 ROW and 3 games to play.  They can finish with a maximum of 101 points.
  • Ottawa has 92 points, 34 ROW and 4 games to play.  They can finish with a maximum of 100 points.
Isles magic numbers are:
  • 6 vs. Pittsburgh
  • 6 vs. Washington
  • 6 vs. Detroit
  • 4 vs. Boston
  • 2 vs. Ottawa

Sunday's schedule: Pittsburgh is at Philadelphia (12:30pm), Washington is at Detroit (5:00pm), and Ottawa is at Toronto (7:30pm). The Isles and Boston are idle.  

Monday's schedule: Isles, Pittsburgh, Washington, Detroit, Boston and Ottawa are all idle.

Tuesday' s schedule: Isles are in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is in Ottawa, Detroit hosts Carolina. Boston and Washington are idle.

Wednesday's schedule: Boston is in Washington.  Pittsburgh, Detroit, Ottawa and the Isles are idle.

Clinching Scenario for Sunday:
Ottawa loses in regulation to Toronto.

Clinching Scenario for Tuesday: (If Ottawa wins Sunday)
Isles win 
Ottawa loses in regulation
Both Isles and Sens lose in OT/SO

Clinching Scenario for Tuesday: (If Ottawa loses in OT/SO Sunday)
Isles do not lose in regulation
Ottawa does not win

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