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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TheSkinny with County Executive Mangano on the New Coliseum "Just wait…you’re gonna love it."

Donald Clavin (Hempstead Receiver, of Taxes),  Mangano, Murray & Bruce Ratner
Yesterday, County Executive Ed Mangano was pictured on his Facebook page with Kate Murray among others with a post "Plans for the New Coliseum have been submitted to the Town of Hempstead for approval."

I commented on his Facebook page: When will plans be submitted to show how you are replacing all the tax dollars that are lost from losing the Islanders?

To his credit, the County Executive answered:
  •  Eric, the NY Islanders only make up a limited number of events that take place throughout the year at the Coliseum. The new arena will host a much greater number of shows, concerts and sporting events (including 6 Islander games). The economic benefit will far exceed what takes place now. Just wait…you’re gonna love it.
    We'll see if he answers my response to his response:

  • Thanks for your response. 

    However, I don't see how the tax dollars are being replaced. The Islanders drew over 628,000 fans in the past regular season and are now guaranteed to host at least three (and hopefully as many as 12-15) playoff games – all of which will be completely sold out.

    As for the six Islander games in the future, we both know that two of the six are pre-season games and that the other four are subject to approval by the National Hockey League (which I haven't seen granted anywhere).

    Additionally, the revenue generated by NHL games will dwarf that from any family show or minor league sports team that the County might attract. The attention brought to everything that the County has to offer by the Islanders being there (including lodging and other ancillary income for visitors from out of County and out of State) will never be replaced.

    Mr. Maragos issued a news release in 2013 that the 3 home playoff games that year would generate overall economic activity estimate of $4 million.  http://archive.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/Comptroller/NewsRelease/2013/5-08-2013.html

    I would assume that these figures are even higher this spring.

    So, other than raising taxes, I ask respectfully again, how will the tax dollars be replaced?

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